Who am I to think I can help move the needle in your business to the next level and see you win? I have sat in the very seat you occupy right now.  Having a brillant idea, but unsure of how to carry it out to the next level.

I am an award winning entrepreneur that is honest, hard working and dedicated to all that I do. I brought a 25 year old museum that had faded in our community to black back to life like a phoenix from the ashes with my marketing and branding skills. I am passionate about what I do and do it with integrity and grit.  I stick to it until it is done.

As a speaker I enjoy sharing my story that entails making a cancer comeback, burying my 94 year old mother, watching my husband transition due to a massive stroke within 11 days, and loosing my best friend of over 40 years to a sudden heart attack all within a seven month period. Talk about can’t stop, won’t stop… During that time in my life I continued on my career path and opened a 2.8 million dollar facility of shipping containers, a restaurant/café, and healthy foods grocery store as an economic beacon in my community of Omaha, Nebraska.

I was awarded by our local Minority Suppliers’ Council the New
Entrepreneur of the year  award and in 2008 was recognized as The Minority Business of the Year by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

The rest of the story is that I was a wife, mother of three chidren–who are all adults and thriving. My oldest is a local contractor in the building trade.  My youngest is a hospitality professional. Did I mention that my middle daughter served as the National Press Secretary to a Presidential Candidate, Senior Advisor to a Presidential Candidate and has held the position as a political commentator on CNN. I am a grandmother to two amazing little people.  But I am very proud that I am a servant in my community assisting entrepreneurs like you succeed.

I would like to join you on your journey to greatness and provide markers on your map to destiny.