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Saturday is one of my favorite days of Cyber Weekend, Small Business Saturday is when shoppers make a collective effort to support small business by “shopping small!” There are plenty of excellent small businesses online to support but I think we often forget about all the great shops, boutiques and restaurants in our own community that need our support. So, today I just want to take a moment to share some big reasons why you should shop small, not just today, but throughout the year.

3 BIG Reasons to Shop SMALL Year Round

Shop Small for better customer service: I think one of the biggest points of difference between small businesses and larger corporations is customer service. Yes, you get decent service at most chain or corporate businesses but when you shop small, you generally get serviced by the business owner or a passionate employee. This means the business owner and the employee are truly invested in earning your business and you get a level of support you’d never find at a large chain.

Shop Small to give back to your local community: You most likely aren’t on a first name basis with the CEO of your local shopping chain BUT you may personally know the owner of that coffee shop down the street, and when you purchase from them you know exactly where your money is going. So when you support a friendly face in your community you are supporting their families wellbeing and you are investing in your local community.

Shop Small to support a more entrepreneurial economy: No matter what side of the aisle you are on, supporting a small business is a direct way you can help the economy. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are job creators and their success means more jobs for others inside and outside of their business.

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