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Who is Your Ideal Customer?

 Who is your ideal customer?

You have a social media goal that is SMART.  Your strategy / plan is laid out before you.  Who is it that you want to reach?

Who and where is your target audience?
·       Are you aiming your message toward men or women?
·       What age range is your ideal customer?
·       Where does your customer work?
·       What neighborhood does your customer live in?
·       Where does your customer shop?
·       Does your customer have children?
·       Where does your customer dine?
·       What hobbies does your customer have?
The Social Media platforms frequented by most adults are:
·       LinkedIn
·       Facebook
·       Twitter
·       Instagram
·       Pinterest
·       Youtube
The platform of Snapchat is frequently used by high schoolers and those in college.
The average time spent per day on social media is 116 minutes, and as platforms develop more time will be spent.  This amount of time exceeds the amount of time spent eating, drinking, socializing or grooming, according to SocialMedia Today.

What should be your approach to reach your audience?
You need to know your analytics for social media.  Not how many likes but the specific habits of your audience.
·       What time of day are they online?
·       What days of the week they are more than likely online?
·       How long are they on a specific post.
This information will allow you to make SMART goals and decisions about your social media strategy. Increasingly customers are getting their information on handheld devices and not on desktop computers.  Keep all of your systems up to date to meet the demands of the consumer.

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