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 Social Media SMART Goals

In today’s society, social media is used to connect with your customers.
·     Do you have a strategy for your social media?
·     Where do you post?
·     When do you post?
·     How often do you post?
·     Why do you post?
·     Who is your target audience?

In part one we will look at your social media strategy.  A strategy is nothing more than a plan.  What is you plan for moving into the digital age and putting your store in the mainstream of the web world?

What are your GOALS?

A plan should have goals connected to it.
·     Why are you posting on social media?
·     Are you trying to attract customers to your store?
·     Do you have a new product?
·     Are you having a sale?
·     Are you trying to clear out inventory to make room for new items?
These are just a few of the reasons that you should be posting on social media.
What is your goal? Goals should be SMART:
·     Specific
·     Measurable
·     Attainable
·     Relevant
·     Time-Bound

Be very detailed about what you want to accomplish. What is the reason for the goal?

What metrics or numbers are you using to determine if the goal has been met?  If this is a goal that is going to span a few months to complete, then set milestones or markers along the way.  Determine if there are specific tasks that should be accomplished at certain points.

This part of the goal is the motivating factor and is meant to inspire you and not discourage you from the goal. Do you have the tools and skill set needed to reach the goal?

Does the goal make sense with the broader plans that you have for your store?  If the goal is to introduce a new line, does it blend with the other items in the store?  An introduction of men’s tennis shoes is not relevant in a women’s clothing store.  A line of essential oil fragrances would be relevant.

Is the timing realistic? What is your target date for the deliverables?  Can your goal be accomplished in this time period?  Setting a milestone for the halfway mark is part of the process.

Be prepared to ask a lot of questions as you go through the goal-setting process.  There may be times where you will have to redirect or stop altogether.  This is all part of the process of goal setting.

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