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Making Lemonade from Lemons via Social Media

By August 29, 2018Social Media

Your store has had a bad batch of product and it is the talk of social media, LEMONS.  Everyne has an opinion of why, what, who, how and when.  Your store is being mentiond everywhere, and the word is spreading like wid fire.  Your reputation is on the line.

What are you going to do? Make LEMONADE…Leverage evey platform of social media and begin adding SUGAR to those LEMONS and dilute the story with WATER and you now have LEMONADE.

You tell the story and tell the truth.  Yes, it happened and it happened in your store.  Now add the sugar, This is how you are fixing the circumtances. For every bad batch that is brought in, you are offering to exchange that negative for two positives FREE of charge. Who does not like free.  Now you are in control.  This sweet deal  is available for a limited time—one week.  When it is gone it is gone.  Not a week and a day, but one week.

Adding WATER, put this solution in every outlet possible.  Show pictures of the new and improved replacement item. Show the faces of happy customers with the new item.  Talk about the benefits and perks of the new item.  Demonstrate multiple uses of the new item.

Now RINSE and REPEAT.  Tell the story over and over in a variety of ways.  Sounds good, but let’s see it in practice.

You own a butique and in your last shipment of jeans the color faded on to the person’s skin while wearing the jeans.  There was a recall of the product and all jeans need to be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation.

The social media account team goes into action.  They reach out to brand ambassadors and infuencers (persons who shop with you regularly, take photos in your clothes, and attend social gathereings in these garments and mention that they came from your store) and ask them to come in and purchase the replacement merchandise and show the new garments. They tweet about how nice the store clerk is in handling the returns.  They do photo shoots of the newer items. There is even a countdown clock on social media for the period of time that returns are allowed.

There is a renewed confidence among the pubic about the customer service in you store.  You have lessened the imapct of the negativity on the brand of your store, increased the visibility of your store and customer satisfaction reigns again. How sweet that glass of LEMONADE tastes.

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